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Using geospatial data to drive sustainable innovation 


To all developers, data scientists, storytellers, and designers: 
We are looking at the use of spatial data and how this can be used as we move towards sustainable alternatives across multiple market sectors. Spatial data is key to unlocking insights that determine how we are literally shaping our world. As the pace of technological innovation quickens, implementing the infrastructure and driving interest is crucial to widespread adoption across the country at a national, organisational, and individual level.   
During a two-day virtual hackathon, we are looking for examples and concepts that accelerates our journey towards a sustainable future as we provide extended, on-demand access to all our premium datasets and our team of GIS specialists.  
Across four different challenges, ranging from supporting local governments to influencing consumer behaviours, a panel of innovation and geospatial experts will be evaluating your contribution and looking for the strongest and innovative examples, which make best use of OS data and APIs.  
Winners will receive collaboration time with our technical consultants and geospatial experts, as well as Geovation memberships and a whole bunch of OS swag.  


The Challenges 

Levelling up, Taking charge, The 'real' EV journey, Open innovation

Levelling up 
How can local governments use geospatial data to enable the transition to EVs in remote communities? 

Taking charge 
What is the demand for charge points of electric fleets and where do these charge points need to be developed? 

The ‘real’ EV journey 
Do we need to adopt and encourage new behaviours to allow EV charging to become part of everyday consumer life? 

Open innovation 
Use the open-innovation challenge to use geospatial data to create a sustainable proof of concept.   
You/your team can focus on one challenge, or even all four of them if you’re feeling particularly inventive. Whatever your choice, be sure to have a desire to build, collaborate, and innovate. 
Remember that hackathons have helped accelerate the success of start-ups, helping developing enterprises to grow into successful businesses such as GroupMe, Flutter and Doracy. What you start here could instigate new collaborations with public sector organisations, and see you joining forces through start-up networking.  
Most importantly, your ideas could shape the future.


Please find Frequently Asked Questions here.

Registration closes Thursday 23 September 2021 17:00 (BST).


Start: October 6, 2021
9:00 AM
End: October 7, 2021
5:00 PM
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